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General and laparoscopic surgeon

Dr Vijender Verma began his career as surgeon in 2009 at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi.  Like every young surgeon, he began with simple surgeries before he started doing complicated procedures. “When you begin, you are both excited and scared but you cannot afford to be adventurous as you are dealing with a life. So, it is always better to begin with a mentor by your side, who can guide you,  and do surgeries all by yourself only when you are confident of your skills,” says Dr Verma.

Dr Verma has since then done more 8000 surgeries, and have handed some of the most complicated cases. He is the

recipient of several prestigious fellowships , including fellowship of minimal access surgeries at Hyderabad . “Laparoscopy has not only changed the way we perform surgeries, but has also revolutionised patient care. It has shortened the recovery period dramatically. Take, for example, a hernia patient, where we used to give a 10-15 cm long incision for an open surgery, now we give three-four 5-10 mm incisions, which has reduced blood loss and pain with rapid recovery"

Technology, he says, has transformed healthcare delivery, but it has to be chosen carefully for every patient. “Every patient is different and the technology that suits one patient might not be suitable for another. It goes for the latest surgical techniques too.”

Dr Verma says that surgery is his life. “Sending a patient home healthy and happy gives me the ultimate pleasure,” adds the ever- smiling surgeon, who loves to listen to soft romantic songs.



Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, Delhi

MS (general surgery)

Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi

FNB ( minimal access surgery)

Global hospital, Hyderabad.


Lap Inguinal hernia repair | Lap Appendectomy | Lap Cholecystectomy | Lap Ventral hernia repair | Piles | Fissure | Fistula in ano | Laparoscopic | gall bladder stones