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    ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat. So, an ENT doctor deals with disorders and diseases related to these organs.  They’re also called otolaryngologists. They also look after issues related to the head and neck to an extent. 

    Generally, an ENT deals with issues such as Sinus, infection of throat and ear, snoring and other sleep disorders, obstructions in the nasal passage, recurring tonsillitis.  

    Conditions we treat:

    Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

    Diseases concerning the ear, nose, and throat are quite common and sometimes under-treated thanks to a scarcity of awareness of the new developments during this specialty. This field has evolved by leaps and bounds within the last 20 years. With the arrival of higher understanding and new technologies, patients now have a cure for the otherwise thought untreatable diseases like sinus diseases and sensorineural hearing loss (by birth or acquired later in life), etc. The ENT department at Taca Healthcare comprises experienced and highly skilled ENT specialists who are experts in treating and conducting surgeries on the Ear, Nose, and Throat.

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    Deafness may be a condition where the power to detect certain sound frequencies is partially or completely impaired. Furthermore, an ear disorder, like an ear infection diseases that affect balance, tinnitus or pain within the ear. Our ENT specialist doctors are experienced and have treated thousands of patients with such conditions 


    ENT specialists manage and treat issues that affeact the nose, sinuses, and cavity. These issues can affect breathing, cause loss of smell, and also change physical appearance.


    Speech, eating, digestion, swallowing, and singing can all be affected by throat disorders. Such issues can be identified, managed, and treated by ENT specialists.

    Head and Neck

    ENT specialists are trained to manage tumors, diseases, trauma, and defects within the head, neck, and face. An ENT specialist can perform cosmetic and plastic surgery altogether in those areas. they will also manage issues with the nerves within the head and neck that control smell, sight, and hearing, also as with facial movements.


    Sub Specialties Offered

    ENTPediatric Otolaryngology - Children with tonsils, adenoids ear diseases, allergy and sinus diseases, airway problems, harelip and palate, voice and swallowing disorders, and purchased and congenital head and neck masses

    Rhinology – concentrate on nose and sinus problems like a deviated septum, treat people with nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, CSF leak skull base tumors, and lots of other conditions

    Otology - which incorporates treatment of perforation of the eardrum, deafness, cholesteatoma, tinnitus, dizziness, infectious and inflammatory diseases of the ear, facial disorders, congenital malformations of the ear, and tumors of the ear, otosclerosis, and skull base. we've recently introduced endoscopic ear surgery and tuboplasty for Eustachian tube disorders

    Laryngology and Voice Clinic – Benign (non-cancerous) vocal fold lesions. Cancerous or precancerous lesions, Infectious or inflammatory conditions, Autoimmune conditions, Neurologic conditions, Airway conditions, and vocal fold motion abnormalities. Our forte is airway reconstruction surgery we get referrals across the country for airway reconstruction surgery (both endoscopic and open)

    Swallowing Clinic – Patients with swallowing problems from various issues like neurological stroke, parkinsonism, neurodegenerative conditions, post-cancer rehabilitation, post-radiation, and children with syndromic problems are seen in the swallowing clinic.

    Vertigo Clinic - Common problems like BPPV and labyrinthitis, Meniere's disease, etc are diagnosed and treated. With collaboration, we are ready to offer state-of-the-art tests like VNG, VHIT, VEMP, and Ecog. Results and combinations of results from vestibular tests require complex interpretation and may indicate various deficits. The clinician strives for medical diagnosis and differentiation of unilateral versus bilateral vestibular disorders

    ENTCochlear Implant Audiology and therapy - A cochlear implant is a device that will restore hearing when deafness is so great that hearing aids don't work well. It can restore hearing in deaf people wearing hearing aids aren't an option, we've success stories across several children and adults who are rehabilitated by cochlear implants

    Allergy Clinic and Immunotherapy - Allergy skin pricks are available to detect the explanation for allergy. Depending on the sort of allergy you've got, you'll train your body to subside. Immunotherapy may be a preventive treatment for allergies to substances like grass pollens, house dust mites, and bee venom. Immunotherapy entails steadily increasing doses of the chemical (allergen) to which the patient is allergic. The system responds to incremental increases in the allergen by decreasing sensitivity to the substance, most likely by producing a "blocking" antibody that lessens allergy symptoms when the substance is met again. Immunotherapy can also help with rhinitis and asthma by reducing inflammation.

    Head Neck Cancer – Head and neck lesions, whether inherited or acquired, are treated with minimally invasive surgery. Benign and malignant lesions of the thyroid, parotid, and oropharyngeal lesions are treated successfully with the least chance of recurrence and acceptable complication rates.

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