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Dr Vikas Gupta

Dr Vikas Gupta

General and laparoscopic surgeon

Dr Vikas Gupta, 51, chose to pursue medicine over engineering for his love for the scalpel. When he was a child, he was fascinated by the respect his family used to extend to their family doctor in Modinagar. So, he began to dream of becoming a general physician who could resolve the entire family’s medical issues.

After completing his MBBS, he joined a neighborhood hospital as junior resident. One day, a severely wounded patient came to the Emergency, who required suturing of the wound. There was no surgeon or senior doctor available at night, and he was left with no choice but to attempt it. And with an OT technician by his side, he did his

first mini surgical intervention. The next day, the head of the surgery department called him to his cabin to appreciate him. “Your sutures were perfect. I have never seen a young doctor like you do it with so much precision. You must pursue surgery,” he told him.

This appreciation changed the course of his life. Twenty-five years on, he is renowned general and laparoscopic surgeons, known as for his sharp surgical skills and clinical acumen, and his ability to remain calm in the most difficult situations. “In the operation theatre, you cannot afford to lose your wits; you should know when to do what, when to ask for help, and when to say no to surgery. Afterall, at stake is a patient’s life. You just cannot take any chance,” he says.

So how does he keep his cool in difficult situations? “Music has a calming effect on me. I have all my favourite music in my mobile device. She is my constant companion. I believe in spending time with my patients both before and after the surgery, addressing all their queries and fears. It gives them a lot of confidence which, I believe, plays an important role in their recovery.”

When not in OT, you may find Dr Gupta in a gym. “I am a fitness enthusiast and believe in the right mix of exercise and food to stay fit. “Health is most important to me in life —my own and of my patients’,” he says.



LLRM Medical College, Meerut

MS (general surgery)

GSVM Medical College Kanpur.

Work Experience

Former senior consultant surgeon at Bhagat Chandra Hospital

Former consultant surgeon at Ayushman Hospital

Former consultant surgeon at Aakash Healthcare


Hernia repair | Gall Stones removal | Appendicitis | Cholecystectomy | Laparoscopic surgeries | Piles | Fissures | Fistula | Pilonidal Sinus | Phimosis | Lipomas | Lumps | Hydrocele

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