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Appendix Surgery

Appendicitis, an inflammation of appendix, is the most common cause of acute abdominal pain requiring  surgery.

The appendix is located on the right side of the lower abdomen. It is close to the groin area, and in case of inflammation of appendix, an acute pain condition occurs there.

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    At TaCa Healthcare we align a dedicated TaCa dost with each and every appendix patient so that you don't have to worry about formalities & paperwork at hospital.


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    Taca Healthcare offers Treatment of appendix at very affordable rate. We also provide insurance paperwork support. TaCa Healthcare is working on a Mission to make appendix treatment affordable in India.


    Insurance Support

    Depending upon your insurance provider appendix treatment is covered up to 100%. TaCa Healthcare ensures Hassle free treatment experience that too at very low cost.


    30 minutes

    Appendix procedure takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete. Appendix treatment is a daycare procedure wherein patient can get discharged and go home early.

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    Symptoms of appendicitis

    • Pain in the abdomen, or belly. The pain in your abdomen may begin near belly button and move lower and to right.
    • The pain gets worse when you move around, take deep breaths, cough, or sneeze.
    • The pain gets worse when you move around, take deep breaths, cough, or sneeze.
    • A feeling of nausea or vomiting.
    • Fever
    • There could be swelling in the abdomen
    Laparoscopy Surgery

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      Causes of appendicitis

      Appendix can be caused by hardened stool or growths that can block the opening inside the appendix.

      Enlarged tissue in the wall of your appendix, caused by infection in the digestive tract.

      Inflammatory bowel disease

      Who is at risk of appendicitis?

      Though it can occur at any age, teens and people in their 20s are more prone to suffer from appendicitis .

      It is more common in men than women. People with a family history of appendicitis are at heightened risk of developing it.

      How to diagnose appendicitis

      To diagnose, doctor can review symptoms and medical history, and can write a few lab tests and imaging tests. There’s no single test available to diagnose appendicitis.

      Blood Tests

      Doctor may order a complete blood count (CBC).

      Appendicitis is often accompanied by bacterial infection. An infection in your urinary tract or other abdominal organs. Doctor can also ask for a C-reactive protein test to check if there are other causes for abdominal inflammation.

      Urine Tests

      To rule out a urinary tract infection or kidney stones as a potential cause of your symptoms, your doctor may use urinalysis or urine test.

      Pregnancy Tests

      Ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg implants itself in a fallopian tube, rather than the uterus and can be mistaken for appendicitis. Doctor may perform a pregnancy test.

      Abdominal imaging tests

      This can help check for signs of inflammation, an abscess, or other problems with your appendix and help doctors identify other potential causes like:

      • Abdominal abscess
      • Fecal impaction
      • Inflammatory bowel disease

      And the tests done to rule out these conditions are:

      • Abdominal ultrasound
      • Abdominal X-ray
      • Abdominal CT scan
      • Abdominal MRI scan
      • Abdominal ultrasound

      Treatment for appendicitis

      In most cases, a surgeon must remove the appendix. Surgical options are:


      This is a precise procedure in which there is minimal loss of blood and only a small incision. During laparoscopic surgery, surgeons insert special surgical tools into several smaller incisions. This option is believed to have fewer complications and a shorter recovery time.

      Open surgery

      In rare cases, a larger incision will be made so that the area inside the abdominal cavity can be cleaned. This happens if the appendix has ruptured, and infection has spread. The appendix has caused an abscess, or the patient has tumours in the digestive system or if the patient is in third trimester of pregnancy.

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