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Hydrocele Surgery

A hydrocele is a swelling of the testicles. It occurs when there is an accumulation of fluid inside the body. The condition is more common in infants, but men in any age group can get it. This may sound or appear serious, even painful, but it is a harmless condition. In most cases it goes away on its own, one should still see a doctor.

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    Hydrocele surgery

    TaCa Dost

    At TaCa Healthcare we align a dedicated TaCa dost with each and every Hydroceles patient so that you don't have to worry about formalities & paperwork at hospital.


    Affordable Cost

    Taca Healthcare offers Treatment of Hydroceles at very affordable rate. We also provide insurance paperwork support. TaCa Healthcare is working on a Mission to make Hydroceles treatment affordable in India.


    Insurance Support

    Depending upon your insurance provider Hydroceles treatment is covered up to 100%. TaCa Healthcare ensures Hassle free treatment experience that too at very low cost.


    30 minutes

    Hydroceles procedure takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete. Hydroceles treatment is a daycare procedure wherein patient can get discharged and go home early.

    Hydrocele surgery

    Hydrocele - Condition

    A hydrocele occurs when fluid enters the scrotum and causes it to expand. It is not a serious health problem. However, it can be inconvenient. Male infants are more likely to have hydroceles than adults. The condition can be treated.

    Types of Hydroceles

    Communicating Hydrocele – A communicating hydrocele is one that makes contact (communication) with the fluids in the abdominal cavity. The failure of the vaginal process causes a communicative hydrocele (the thin membrane that extends through the inguinal canal and extends into the scrotum). If this membrane remains open, both hernia and hydrocele can form.

    Non-communicating Hydrocele – The inguinal canal has closed in this case, however there is still excess fluid in the scrotum around the testicle. This disease could be present from birth or appear years later for no apparent reason. The size of a non-communicating hydrocele normally stays the same or grows extremely slowly.

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      Hydrocele - Symptoms

      It doesn’t hurt if you have a hydrocele. One or both of the baby’s testicles will appear enlarged as the only symptom. Even if they aren’t in discomfort, you should take them to the doctor to rule out any health issues that could be causing the swelling, such as an infection, tumor, or hernia. A noncommunicating hydrocele’s swelling does not change size. If you gently compress a communicative hydrocele during the day, the fluid will migrate out of the scrotum and into their belly.

      Surgical Procedures

      Anesthesia is used to do surgery to remove a hydrocele. You’ll be able to go home within a few hours of surgery in most circumstances. The hydrocele is surgically removed through a tiny cut in the scrotum or abdomen (depending on the location of the hydrocele). A big dressing will most likely be applied to the site of your incision by your surgeon. A drainage tube may be required for a few days, depending on the placement and size.

      Recovery & Post Operation Care

      Unless their operation was significant, most patients can resume normal activities within 2 days. Parents should keep the area dry and clean for their babies. Adult men need at least two weeks of rest before they can return to sexual activity or work that require lifting weights.

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