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TaCa Center for Surgery Partners with Medicaid Ethos Pvt Ltd (MEPL) to Support Healthcare Assets

TaCa Center for Surgery Partners with Medicaid Ethos Pvt Ltd

TaCa Center for Surgery, a prominent healthcare provider in India, has teamed up with Medicaid Ethos Pvt Ltd (MEPL) to provide support to its network of healthcare assets. The partnership aims to assist healthcare providers who are facing cash flow issues due to prolonged credit terms with payers.

MEPL is a healthcare financing company that offers a range of services, including equipment lease funds and working capital funding. The company provides financial solutions, structures debt and equity investments, and manages debt and equity investments for commercial, hospital, MSME, and industrial equipment to large and mid-sized corporations.

Through the partnership, TaCa Center for Surgery and MEPL have launched an initiative to support the upgradation of operating theaters or infrastructure by providing various equipment on lease or funding. This initiative will boost the confidence of hospitals in providing quality surgical care to their patients with the support of TaCa’s initiative.

Dr. Tanushri Sidharth, CEO of TaCa Center for Surgery, stated that many hospitals in tier-II and higher cities are finding it difficult to upgrade their surgical departments due to the high costs involved. With the help of MEPL, TaCa is committed to supporting these hospitals in upgrading or acquiring new equipment to maintain better outcomes for their patients in elective secondary surgery care.

Wing Commander Ragashree D Nair and Dr Shivaramakrishnan, founders of MEPL have been supporting numerous hospitals in the southern part of India and is now committed to helping more hospitals pan-India through the partnership with TaCa Center for Surgery.

The collaboration between TaCa Center for Surgery and MEPL will provide much-needed support to healthcare providers who are struggling with cash flow issues. By providing financial solutions, structuring, and managing debt and equity investments, the partnership aims to help hospitals provide better surgical care to their patients.

With the assistance of MEPL, TaCa Center for Surgery can help hospitals upgrade their operating theaters and infrastructure, which will ultimately benefit patients by improving the quality of care they receive. This partnership will enable healthcare providers to continue providing top-notch surgical care to patients in India, even in the face of financial challenges.