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TaCa Center for Surgery Partners with Medicaid Ethos Pvt Ltd

TaCa Center for Surgery, a prominent healthcare provider in India, has teamed up with Medicaid Ethos Pvt Ltd (MEPL) to provide support to its network of healthcare assets. The partnership aims to assist healthcare providers who are facing cash flow issues due to prolonged credit terms with payers. MEPL is a healthcare financing company that […]

कब्जियत (बद्धकोष्टता) क्या है ?

वे भाग्यवान हैं जिनके दिन की शुरुआत उठते ही शौच को भागने से होती है। क्यों कि वैसा न हो तो पूरे दिन चिड़चिड़ाहट होती है। आयुर्वेद में इसे शौचानंद कहते हैं जो कि उचित भी है। भारतीय भोजन व जीवन शैली में रोज नही तो कम से कम दो दिन में एक बार निस्तार […]

How to ensure a speedy recovery post-surgery?

Some people are afraid of undergoing surgeries because they feel it might take them long to get back to normal activities. It is true that you may need some time to recover, but you should not delay your surgery. Here are some tips that might help you recover faster: Eat well You may not feel […]